I was recommended see Linda as I didn’t have a good opinion of myself and that I was ‘no good’. She made me understand that I had taken on this belief as a child through negative parenting, particularly from my father, and that it wasn’t real; it had been put in my unconscious mind and I was living from being ‘no good’. Linda and I looked at my successes in life and I realised, actually, I was good enough!

Anthea, N. London
My experiences of dealing with Linda were and still are, nothing but positive.
Her gentle, non-invasive approach, kind words and invaluable advice helped
me immensely when preparing for an oral exam (Viva voce) to defend my PhD
research thesis in January 2008. Using cognitive behavioural therapy and relaxation
techniques, Linda taught me how to change my negative, irrational, non-belief in my
abilities into positive, self-belief. I also learnt how to incorporate these techniques
into daily living and deal with most stressful situations in a positive way. Linda
helped me understand that overall, irrational emotions and phobias are indeed that,
irrational, and definitely can be overcome.

Ultimately, with Linda’s help, my “dreaded” oral exam was a thoroughly enjoyable
experience and gave me the opportunity to discuss my research with lovely like-
minded professionals.

Catherine F, PhD, Ratoath

Linda understood my difficulties and particular unique stressful situation and provided simple, effective tools to cope with the stress and anxiety.

The therapy was for a very short period of time as I had a very busy schedule - but even by the end of the first session I already had felt she had helped immensely. She tailored her therapy to my individual needs and was very flexible. She allowed me to contact her at other times outside our scheduled appointments which was very much appreciated during a difficult and important period of my life. This was greatly appreciated. I cannot thank her enough and would not hesitate to recommend her.  ~ Dr S. Moore

Linda Keen
Linda Keen