Unlearning phobias!

A phobia is a response to an intensely traumatic experience in the past and the fear is anchored to the stimulus that created it. In all phobic cases the person has an image of an event which produces the phobic response and even though the fear is often irrational, the feeling of anxiety is so overwhelming, the person will do almost anything to avoid the trigger.

A phobia is an interesting phenomenon and demonstrates how it is possible to learn something instantly. The great news is that because we have the ability to learn something so fast, we also have the ability to unlearn it as quickly!

The Fast Phobia Scramble technique is used to help people overcome many  phobias such as fear of delivering a presentation, attending meetings, flying, travelling by bus or train, driving on motorways, spiders, moths, mice, etc, the list is endless.

It only takes an instant to develop a phobia; ranging from a moment of turbulence on a plane, a negative comment during an interview, a flat presentation or an incident on the motorway.

However, by using the power of the unconscious mind with association, disassociation and sub modalities, the phobia can be quickly overcome.

I have worked with many clients, some of whom had phobias for several years. With this technique they overcame their fear or phobia for good and it made them wonder why they continued to suffer for so long.

If you have a phobia you’d like to eliminate from your life, make an appointment now and be free of it forever.

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