Ninja Avocado

As a holistic health practitioner with the understanding that mind, body and spirit are inextricably interlinked, one company I’m delighted to recommend is Ninja Avocado, formerly Energise for Life. This company educates, coaches and provides access to all the products and resources you need to apply the Alkaline Diet and healthy living in a realistic and easy to apply way.

Through his ground-breaking research on the body’s acid/alkaline balance, American biochemist, Dr Robert O Young has shown that an alkaline diet can prevent diseaseincrease your energylose weight, have amazing skin, enhance digestion and just look incredible.

Inspired by Dr Young’s work, and originally called Energise for Life,  the company was founded by brothers Callum and Ross Bridgeford and set up in 2004 to help as many people as possible by providing free information from their research and lifestyle. Now under the umbrella of Ninja Avocado, all of the products can be found in one place alongside all the resources necessary to apply a healthy lifestyle. To enable you to start applying the principles and transforming your health, click on the Ninja Avocado link now.